Viral Transpost Media (VTM Manufacturer in India)

We are manufacturer of VTM in India. The Viral Transport Medium contain 3ml of transport medium in 10ml centrifuge tube, allowing specimen collection transport and processing in a same container. Medium contain Hank's balance salt solutions, bovine serium albumin, amino acid, streptomycin, pencillin, nystatin buffered with PBS. Phenol red added as pH indicator. Along with Transport Medium a sterlie Nylon flocked / Dacron / Swab is provided for specimen collection. Nylon flocked / Dacron / Swab is provided for specimen collection are non inhibitory to viruses and help realease of viruses into the medium easily.
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  • Product Name:   Viral Transport Media
  • Units in Stock:  566
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  • Product Name Viral Transport Media
  • Method VTM
  • Pack Size 50 * 3 ml

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